Testimonials from Brenda, Rose and Carol

"Jordanna, thank you so much for the session today. What a wonderful gift. I feel like you've cleared enough that I can get in and make a difference myself. I'm not so "muddy". I also value your counsel. Thank you for that. You certainly hit the nail on the head in a few areas and have given me a little self-understanding where I needed it. Good direction ... never had that before. I've had a few people work on my blockages over the last year or so, but no one seemed to be able to make much of a difference. You are a very powerful healer my dear.... and I am grateful."
~ Katharine

"It was great meeting you today. Your wands are as beautiful and strong as you. It was such a pleasure. Thank you for that."
~ Melissa

“I just want to do a special shout out to Miss. Jordanna Joy DeHond for all the help she provided me in guiding me in being who I am and how to ground myself so that I can tap in to my gifts and be there to help others.  Jordanna, you are an amazing woman.  I can’t wait to meet you face-to-face and talk for long hours. You are a master at what you do and truthfully, I can’t thank you enough.”
~ Sarah

"LOVE everything about Wands and Wisdom; the gorgeous Jordanna and her AMAZING creations. Can't say enough about how special you and your products and your sharing are! Thanks for doing what you do!!!"
~ Mary

"My words will never express the gratitude I truly feel. I've found an extraordinary soul within Jordanna, her healing and coaching has placed me back on my divine path. Her knowledge on the twin flames has brought clarity back to my life. I am eternally grateful xo"
~ Lindsay Ellen

“Thank you for an amazing session.  I quickly could feel the stagnant energy shift and my energy start to flow as it should”
~ Trish

“Great intuition and knowledge.”
~ Lori

A testimonial from Katerina

“I didn’t realize how stale I was until you cleared me and allowed me a lightness-of-self sadly missing.  Thank you so much.”

“I was intrigued by her knowledge regarding chakras and her ability to educate me.”

“Insightful, honest and loving reading – Many thanks!”
~ Sean

“My experience was incredibly enlightening.  Lots to ponder.  Thank you.”

“I had an amazing experience, very helpful and insightful. Thank you.”

“Love, love, love.  Thank-you.”
~ Christine

“You are very powerful, like a bag full of powers.”
~ Sarah


A Testimonial from Kim and Mary

“Thank you so much for making me feel whole and alive again.  I had the healing done and it really worked.  I could feel as each chakra was worked on and energized, grounded and flowed.  The despair and hurt and heartache went away, and I feel like I have hope, love and harmony again.  The future looks better and possible.  Thank you so much.”
~ Deborah

“Enjoyed having been cleansed.  I truly felt the movement from my head to my middle and I feel the change in my mind already.  Thank you.”
~ Fatima

“Jordanna was very amazing for me.  I always say I felt stuck and that was exactly what my chakras were doing.  She is very confident and good at what she does.  It was pure joy!!”

“Thank you so much for bringing balance and calm back into my life.”
~ Amy

“Jordanna cleared my body, mind and gave me true insights into my situation.  She is very helpful.  I feel cleared to move now.”
~ Lisa

“Very good.  Could feel the positive energy turning in my Chakras.  She has a great intuition – can really read you.  Thanks.”
~ Turtle