Celebrations of Life
Rites of Passage
Energy Harmonizing

Rev. Jordanna Joy DeHond performs a wedding ceremony

As a licenced (in Ontario) non-denominational Reverend of Metaphysics with the Bancroft Centre for awakening spiritual growth, I personally believe we are all an intricate and intrinsic part of the multi-verse and that all spiritual paths lead to the same destination; love.  God, Source, Creator, Consciousness, to know oneself.  For me there are no rules for who or how to love, no right or wrong.  Done with reverence, Grace and respect it’s all a part of the fabric we weave, on this plane, in this life.  Follow your heart, you can’t go wrong.

Quartz crystal cluster
Any of my services can include options such as crystal blessings designed specifically for your needs.

As an Artist and a Minister, I pride myself on being authentic, unique and heart centered.  In every situation, it’s my goal to create a memorable, personalized and sincere service with your personal signature always in the foreground.  I work with you, with an open heart, in all that I do.  No question is insignificant.  Please feel free and invited to call and chat with me.

  • Rites of passage
  • Weddings, unions, hand fastings
  • Births
  • Baby naming ceremony
  • Transitions
  • Funerals
  • Celebration of life
  • Spiritual and Personal soul coaching and mentoring
    – subjects may include personal growth, grief, crossroads,
    love and twin flame coaching.
  • Chakra balancing , energy harmonizing and clearing.

What is a blessing?
"A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen.”

A Wand Blessing.
I have specific wands for specific purposes, for example:

The crystal wrapped in white is only for
new beginnings, unions, baby blessings.

I have a wand that came to me and
will only be used for helping those
to transition and for end of life
celebrations and grief.

My intent is administered and intensified through a specific crystal, wand or grid.  A sacred space is designated and crystals are strategically chosen and placed for your highest good.

Simple exchange of significant crystals may also be a part of the ceremony.

A large Crystal grid around the couple can be created to harmonize the couples energy. Not only is this beneficial to the couple but it creates a beautiful energy and it is a visually pleasing unique and deeply spiritual addition to your Service.

All blessings are done with great reverence and respect for all involved.

Talk with me to see what would be the best and most appropriate for your ceremony.

Commitment Wand - Rev. Jordanna Joy DeHond
Wand for Transitions And Funerals
Energy Balancing

“Stress, anxiety and depression are caused when we are living to please others.”
~ Paulo Coelho

Energy Harmonizing

As many Reiki Masters have done, I’ve organically created my own energy modality; it grew to include wands, conversation, intuition, and empathic feedback.  I connect with your energy.

During a session I begin with a Chakra balance.  Our energy needs to flow freely.  Often life causes situations that may hinder that energy flow.

I will check and assess your Chakras, clear, balance and teach you what I can perceive to continue this practise on your own.

Source guides me to say the words that often shifts your awareness to initiate necessary changes in your life.  These shifts can cause great change, or at least make you feel lighter and refreshed.

These sessions can be long distance while we connect by phone.  Energy does not know distance.

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